Feminine Online Business School

You are a coach, consultant or healer who wants the fastest and most aligned way to either create a thriving online business, or take your existing service-based business to and beyond $10K/$15K months.

You want to identify your brilliance, craft clear and compelling offers, and command higher fees for your work, even if you're not feeling 100% confident.

You want to know exactly what and how to write Facebook posts that have your dream clients scream "take my money now," without spending a dollar on ads or complicated sales funnels.  

You want to turn your social media profile into a 6+ figure organic lead generation revenue stream, and establish your brand authority so you're the obvious choice for hire, without a fancy logo or website. 

You know you are here to create conscious social change. And you just need the right framework and a step-by-step process to serve higher and earn bigger, all without sacrificing your health, time with loved ones, and hobbies. 

Jordan Bates / Non-Dualistic Business Coach

“I received about 70 applications and generated $45k in a few weeks, launching me into a new paradigm of conscious wealth, business, impact, service, and leadership.

Juliet is a Powerful Enchantress, Entrepreneurial Queen, and Shamanic-Mystical Catalyst. She has a great love in her heart for humanity, and you will feel truly held and cared for in working with her. She is an absolute leading-edge expert and visionary in the realm of New Paradigm Entrepreneurship. She is someone who walks her talk.

If you are ready to SHOW UP and take massive aligned action to create the reality you wish to live in, Juliet is a rare treasure to work with. I know of almost no one who is at her level in terms of transforming business with consciousness to innovate a more beautiful future. Thank you for everything, Juliet. I love you and wish endless blessings to you and yours.”

Sapphire Soleil / Erotic Alchemist

11K in two weeks! The deal was closed. The money came in. The highest offer I've closed ($6K)! This is the action Juliet generated and the heights she pulled me through - only ONE introductory call, BEFORE we even began working together! A week later, I made my second 5.5K sale! Soooo excited!" I have stepped into a new level of my life and feminine power with the guidance of Juliet.

This is the vibrancy of living at your highest. Freeing yourself to create the life of your dreams. Juliet’s work is SO POTENT!”

Who This Is For:

  • You are a heart-centered, emotionally/spiritually mature and self-responsible woman who is ready to either hit the pavement running, or take your current business and income to and beyond 6 figures.
  • You are willing to take 100% responsibility for your choices and results. You do not shy away from taking bold actions, because you're made for this. 
  • You see yourself and your business as the best investment, and appreciate the value of receiving proven strategies from someone who's invested over 6-figures in herself. 
  • You have a skillset that can be packaged into an offer, and you care about helping others. 


 This Is Not the Best Fit For:

  • Those who place earning quick cash over getting client results. While many of my clients have quantum leaped within weeks/months using these strategies, in the long run, you need to genuinely care about people to have a successful business. 
  • Those who do not want to take 100% responsibility for their thoughts, emotions, actions, and results. Or those who buy courses and ask for refunds (there are none). 
  • Those who aren't willing to put in the work and/or play the blame game. 

Lindsey Tague - Personal Brand Strategist

"I am getting ready to launch my signature program with all of the pieces I've learned in this program. I am going through the modules at my own pace and I am very grateful that I have this program to come back to as often as I need to.

Juliet’s work was the missing piece I needed to re-integrate healthy masculine back into my life. It has created a solid foundation for me to birth and create my offerings to the world. She has inspired me to incorporate the masculine and feminine concepts into my own business and what I will teach my clients. 

Juliet is unlike any mentor out there. She combines masculine and feminine energy as well as the union of the two with solid business strategy. I recommend her programs to any women that are burnt out from operating too much in their masculine or lacking the structure from being too much in their feminine. Once these two are in full alignment that's when the magic happens, you feel good about your work/mission and you receive the clients and income as a result!"

This is the business building course I wish I had, when I was barely making $20K per year, working 7 days a week. 


I thought I needed to join 50+ Facebook groups, get on all the podcasts, and create content 24/7 in order to get clients and make my business work. 

I spent years trying to figure it out on my own, and watching my bank account number going into the negative. 

When I hired my first business coach for $10K for 8 weeks, I was $18K in debt, and promised myself I'd do whatever it takes. I learned although I'm great at what I do, my business did not have the right structure, system, or strategies to grow.

As soon as I began implementing an aligned framework with strategies, my income 10Xed in less than one year. And it continues to go up from there. In fact, my income has exceeded all expectations during the chaotic 2020.  

I know how frustrating it is to know you have a ton to offer, but you don't have a system in place that allows you to consistently get in front of your audience and convert them into paying clients.

Or you feel you're working really hard serving your current clients, yet all the effort is not taking you to $10K/$15K months. 

I've decided to put everything that's worked for myself and private clients into this course, so that this intuitive framework can reach more women and help them become premium transformational leaders in the industry, working from anywhere in the world, and doing epic things. 

Will you say yes to having the business and financial freedom that turn you on? 

Derek Henry/Holistic Health Mentor - Digestive and Autoimmune Specialist

Founder, Healing the Body, CA

My biggest challenge before coaching with Juliet was being VERY clear about WHO I could help transform their health, and embodying the income I believed I was worthy of receiving.

I learned how to niche my offer, craft appropriate messages, and raise my standards so I could command a higher price point for my services.

My results were extremely profound, with the quality of my leads and my income.

After 2 weeks of fully embracing the techniques and strategies, I enrolled 3 people in a new high end program in 1 week, and booked over 10k in sales. Not only that, other aspects of my business were improving, which resulted in 18k in total sales, a 5 fold increase from the average monthly income the previous year.

Her approach is COMPLETE (addressing the spiritual and grounded/strategic aspect of business), and perfect for conscious entrepreneurs who want to make a meaningful impact on others lives, as well as their own.


Morgan Goldman - Divine Union Defender Coach

“Before Juliet, I was basing my self-worth off of how successful I was in my business. During my work together with Juliet, I came home to God. Now I keep my eyes vertically on Him and walk horizontally in the world. My faith and trust in my path has greatly expanded.  

My spiritual practices have shifted to be about connecting and listening to God first.  

I just put out my first post announcing my new program and I had 6 women reach out to me already.

While working with Juliet I increased my income and clients x3.

I have a complete shift in my inner being.  I am more at peace, more held and more guided than ever before. I am beyond grateful for the role Juliet played in having the veils of illusion lifted from my eyes and reuniting me with my King. I’m still integrating how to speak on these things as I am very different from a lot of my community right now.  

Juliet is a secret agent working for God.  Your experience with her will be life-changing if you are willing to seek The Truth.”   



Mayda Poc - Career and Life Coach

“I joined Juliet’s Mastermind just at that time when I was feeling depleted for doing the same things, not even expecting different outcomes anymore. Juliet’s coaching brought me a new perspective: a unique combination of down to earth process and strategies and a more personal and aligned approach to the business. I gained more confidence in my abilities and most importantly I feel more in-tune with myself - something that I haven’t allowed myself to experience for a long time.”



In 12 Weeks, You Will Learn How to ... 

Week 1

Establish an expansive creatrix foundation of success - so that you can run your business from a place of passion, self-care, and creativity.

You will learn how to:

- Call back your energy and set healthy boundaries

- Clear out energetic distortions

- Design your business around the feminine cycle and body's wisdom

Week 2

Nail your most profitable niche - so that you confidently identify what people will pay you the most for, and what naturally makes you stand out in the industry even if your mind is going "the market is saturated."

You will learn how to:

- Identify your highest genius and what makes you irresistible to your soulmate clients

- Clarify your most profitable niche

- Choose, or fine-tune your niche to make it hot and lucrative

Week 3

Setting a high income business model - so that your business has a clear structure that attracts new clients, re-enrolls existing clients, and increases cashflow, all organically.

You will learn how to:

- Create simple opt-in and landing pages that convert

- Grow your email list without complicated systems

- Create a simple and solid foundation to grow and scale

Week 4

Hone in your unique brand - so that you bring your unique voice, personality and leadership into the crowded online space, take up more space, and increase your visibility and presence.

You will learn how to:

- Create a unique brand that turns heads

- Increase visibility and authority of your brand

- Tap into your magnetism to create content that sells with ease and flow

Week 5

Build an ideal client avatar - so that you know exactly who your soulmate clients are, what they need the most from you, and how to market and sell to them.

You will learn how to:

- Clarify who your highest level clients are

- Know exactly what they will pay you the most for 

- How/Where to find them and sign them on

Week 6

Master organic lead generation - so that you consistently add potential clients to your organic social media profiles.

You will learn how to:

- Magnetize consistent clients organically, without spending a dime on ads

- Sell over Facebook messenger with easy conversations, without getting on hour-long calls only to hear "I can't afford it"

- Turn your Facebook personal page into a 6 (+) figure lead generation system

Week 7

Attract soulmate clients with my magical marketing formula - so that you build an online community with eager buyers, all for free.

You will learn how to:

- Use these 6 done-for-you social media templates to know what to write, and how to write, to speak to the hearts and wallets of ideal clients

- Choose between different ways of launching, that honors your energy

- Establish the "know, like, and trust" factor with your audience so they can't get enough of your content

Week 8

Create your most lucrative offers that are easy to sell to your ideal clients - so that you quickly hit $5K/$10K/$15K months, while reducing or minimizing time and money objections.

You will learn how to:

- Craft an offer promise that turns your service into a high end experience

- Create compelling high value offers to sell

- Become known as the expert in your field

Week 9

Money and pricing mastery - so that more money comes in easily, you charge fees that make you feel expansive and taken care of, and actually get them.

You will learn how to:

- Charge the fee you want, while reducing or eliminating time and price objections

- Let go of disempowering money beliefs

- Upgrade your money and wealth identity

Week 10

Learn to write killer copy - so that your marketing, offers, and landing pages do the converting job for you, without long 90 minute calls, or 3-week long back and forth messenger conversations.

- Write killer sales pages that convert to sales with this done-for-you script

- Infuse your copy with words that speak to your higher level clients

- Showcase the life-changing value you offer with precision


Week 11

Easy sales and enrollment - so that you sell like a queen without feeling like a car salesman, and only enroll pre-qualified clients.

- Learn how to pre-qualify potential clients so they are the highest match for your energy and service

- Master easy and heart-centered conversation

- Tap into the energy of sovereignty and service for sales calls



Week 12

Uplevel with soul and grace - so that you can get clear on your next step, and grow and scale from ease.

You will learn how to:

- Create a coaching calendar that turns you on

- Work less and make more

- Done-for-you templates for webinars that convert to cash

Windy Zarah – Energy Healer and Mentor

"My biggest challenge before working with Juliet was increasing my ticket price. I’ve implemented the energy practices and the structure, and was able to increase my offer prices for groups and still working on 1:1. I’m continuing with Hieros Gamos - the inner masculine/feminine work, and integrating it into my life and business.

Juliet’s medicine addresses all realms. I have already recommended her to several people in my community, many of whom are now following her.

I signed on my 1:1 client at the full price, and it's all thanks to you. So much Gratitude."


Feminine Online Business School


One Payment - Enter coupon code at checkout

  • A complete business and revenue growth framework of 12 modules with step-by-step lessons, assignments, and done-for-you scripts and templates 
  • With over 7 hours and $4K worth of virtual workshops to help you shift your energy, align with your purpose, and integrate masculine and feminine polarities.

Feminine Online Business School


Three Monthly Payments - Enter coupon code at checkout

  • A complete business and revenue growth framework of 12 modules with step-by-step lessons, assignments, and done-for-you scripts and templates 
  • With over 7 hours and $4K worth of virtual workshops to help you shift your energy, align with your purpose, and integrate masculine and feminine polarities.

Karl Knight, Healer and Speaker

“As a result of working with Juliet, I’ve registered two business names, enrolled with Speakers Institute, refined my seminar, and created a script for my first video promo. I have recommenced writing my book again. In addition, I’ve implemented an empowering daily ritual which is having a wonderful impact on my daily life.

 Being mentored by Juliet allowed me to embody a different perspective on who I am, my place in the universe and my Soul purpose. I’ve said yes to evolving into the fullest expression of my essence. If you are interested in working with Juliet, ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE THE CAUSE IN YOUR LIFE.”


Common Q&A:


  • How will this course work?

Choose the payment option that works for you. As soon as the payment goes through, you will receive the login information for the first portion of your course.

You will have access to the welcome orientation and the first six modules right away. The second portion - the last six modules will be available for access four weeks from the day of your enrollment. 

  • Will I get any coaching support?

This is a 12-week self-study course that you can go through at your own pace. There is no coaching supporting.

  • What's in the course?

There are 12 modules of detailed business building essentials focused on helping you consistently sign on dream clients that appreciate your value, and run a business that turns you on. 

These are the bonus workshops:

1. Love Alchemy Class - The Secret Code to Feminine Wealth, Eros, and Devotion (297 in value))

2. Bridge Archetype Business - Offer, Message, and Money ($397 in value)

3. Golden Trio of Feminine Business - Offer, Message, and Frequency ($397 in value)

4. Visionary Activation ($597 in value)

5. Reverence Activation ($597 in value)

6. Sovereignty Activation ($597 in value)

  • Will this be a good course for me?

If you're currently generating under $15K/month, this course offers you a 100K+ blueprint, regardless of where you are in business, even if you're in the beginning stage. 

Truthfully, the strategies shared in this course have helped me build a multiple 6-figure business. 

There are steps and done-for-you scripts to help you turn your business into an online cashflow system. Your role is to implement. 

  • What makes this course different from the other business building courses?

I take a very intuitive approach to business. This framework also places equal emphasis on both the energetic and strategic aspects of creating a thriving business.

Over the years, I've invested over $60K in business strategies alone, learning from global online marketers and multiple 7-figure entrepreneurs.

Everything that I have used to support clients to get results like $45K in a few weeks, is in this course. This is a complete A to Z system that teaches you everything from marketing to client attraction to sales, so you don't need to keep investing in separate courses. 

If this is a full body yes, I encourage you to follow your YES with a prompt action - as indecisiveness drains our financial flow. 

If you fully apply yourself, it won't be long before you make back the full investment, most likely with only one new client.

I am confident you will take your business and revenue to a whole new level with this course. And I am excited for the epic work you're doing on our planet! 


Melissa Abrahams/Wise Woman and Retreat Leader

“I have completely changed the way I practice my healing work now. I have reshaped the way I work. A whole new program has dropped down for me that I am currently weaving into existence on this plane.

I have offered a women’s circle and a day retreat with excellent numbers and easeful completion.

Next year I am offering 4 new ways of working with me, teaching things that I have wanted to teach for some years.

I feel much more certain of my vision and my dedication to my soul path has really clarified and expanded. My connection with Spirit is strong and clear, and many new ways and channels are opening up for me.

I would like to share my gratitude for having the opportunity to work with Juliet. Her insights were unique and inspiring. Her enthusiasm, courage and persistence were and still are greatly appreciated. Juliet’s skill is to open up the field and show you the whole matrix. It’s like being lifted up into the air and seeing your life from the Moon."


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