Love Alchemy Class - The Secret Code to Feminine Wealth, Eros, and Devotion






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Hey Creatrix,

If we haven't met yet, I'm Juliet Tang - Hieros Gamos and business alchemist for creatrixpreneurs who desire to receive consistent overflows of feminine wealth - wealth in money, wealth in love, and wealth in grace.

My genius is to help high level magician women soften into deeper penetration by Masculine Divine, so that they operate from a place of inner union and turn-on. 

The place of embodied Eros and devotion IS where we get to birth our most lush next level organic ascension, business expansion, and revenue, without LOA practices, mindset work, forcing and pushing against our body's wisdom, etc.

Love is the medicine.

Devotion is the code.

Union is the template.

Wealth is the effect.

Are you ready to come home to Him?

In Love and Devotion,